Monday April 23 2018

Triad Associates has worked extensively with Crystal Reports and Dynamics over the past five years to develop a library of reports including sales, inventory, and financial, and purchasing data sets.

Crystal Reports is used by business professionals who want to report or query directly from a data source, by IS professionals who need to provide reports to business users, and by independent software vendors, corporate software developers and VARs who need to include reporting in database applications.

Crystal Reports accesses more than 30 data sources, has powerful data analysis capabilities and report type options, and produces presentation-quality output! In addition, its modular design allows the Crystal Report Engine to be used to integrate reporting into database applications and distributed with a free runtime. Integration can be done using direct API calls, or by using any of the following interfaces: ActiveX (OCX/OLE) Control, Visual Basic Custom Control (VBX), Microsoft Foundation Class Library, Delphi Visual Component Library (VCL), Informix-NewEra Class Library, or the new Automation Server Interface, which provides easy-to-use, object-oriented access to the entire Crystal Report Engine.

With its latest release, Crystal Reports 2017 sets the standard for accessing information across the Web. The thin-wire architecture of Crystal Reports ensures superior response times and reduces web traffic: users can pull reports from the web server to their browser a page at a time as desired. Lightweight ActiveX and Java plug-ins allow viewing reports in their native format in almost any browser, and cross-platform deployment is headache-free: web administrators choose their web software, end users choose the browser they prefer, and Crystal Reports does the rest. And for flexible, powerful reporting within Web-deployed applications, Crystal Reports can be integrated directly into Active Server Pages.

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Triad Associates is a certified and experienced Dynamics GP Systems Integrator, which enables us to design and implement a comprehensive solution for each of our customer partners.
Over the past fifteen years Triad team members have worked closely with clients to develop libraries of custom reports using Crystal Reports.